Friday, November 8, 2013

Apple Pie Smoothie

Everyone loves the changing seasons, right? That crisp autumn smell in the air as the leaves turn that golden yellow and burnt orange. There are pumpkins everywhere. And apparently the entire world is obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes, or PSL's as they are now known. 
Don't get me wrong, I love pumpkins - carving them, roasting them, baking them off in muffins. I'd totally be lying if I didn't admit to more than one splurge on a PSL in past month. But I feel like autumn's other star has been left out of the hype the past few years. 
That's right my friends, I'm talking about that lovely red beauty we call the apple. PSL's have knocked apple cider off the Fall Beverage of Choice Thrown. And it's tragic, because apples are frigging delicious.
Umm, Apple pie?
Caramel apples?
Apple butter?
A cinnamon stick in a hot mug of apple cider?
Roasted apples?
And who doesn't love the romantic notion of apple picking on a sunny autumn day?
So, can we please give the apple a little spotlight this fall? Can we throw a few red delicious in a blender with soy milk, cinnamon, chia seeds, and make an Apple Pie Smoothie to die for?
Yes.Yes we can.
(recipe via Raw and Simple)

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